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Spotlight on the Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff breeder-judges from around the world answer our questions -- and reflect the conflict in the breed.

Modern Molosser asked several Tibetan Mastiff breeder-judges from around the world to answer the following questions. The wide range of answers we received reflects the varied, and often conflicting views of the breed within its own ranks.


1. Please briefly summarize your involvement and successes in the breed.


2. Name three Tibetan Mastiffs you have personally seen that you admired most (not your own), and what their best features were. Which one of your own was the best?


3. What important characteristics do you feel are most often overlooked in Tibetan Mastiff judging?


4. What virtues do you think are most difficult to maintain in the breed? Which faults are the most difficult to eradicate?


5. What part of the AKC, FCI or KC standards do you think is most misunderstood? Is there any part of the standard you would change if you could?


6. Do you think the global Tibetan Mastiff community will to move toward more consensus regarding type, or will we see more fracturing? Where do you see the breed 10 years from now?


TM Scherling BioKristi Sherling

Sierras Tibetan Mastiffs
Scio, Oregon

Breed involvement: I started researching the Tibetan Mastiff in 1978, and in 1980 I acquired my first Tibetan Mastiff, Wakefield Kaung Kin Peya Ye-Bo (male), who was also the first Tibetan Mastiff to pass a temperament test from the American Temperament Test Society (ATTS). I acquired my second directly from one of the founders of the breed, Stephen and Linda Nash’s Ausable Kennels in New York – a lovely gold bitch sired by their Dutch import Angmo Rajkumri Chattang and out of their outstanding bitch, Ausables Apache Anne. From these two Tibetan Mastiffs, I produced my first litter, in 1983, which included two dogs, Sierras’ Mojahedin Maynard and Sierras’ Rebel of MCA, who went on to become founding dogs for kennels such as Drakyi, Timberline, Ho-Shen, Shang-Hai, Kesang Camp and several others.

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